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Jungle Tours are conducted daily.
Do not miss a chance to visit a registered American National Heritage site!

Into the Jungle !

Trcked behind the beach lays
a sleeping National Treasure.
You know you want to take a peek.
The Jungle Trail marker.
Check to make sure you go the right way!

Jungle papaya. Tasty!

You can also see bananas, noni,taro and breadfruit
along the way.
Whatever is ripe,
you can eat!

Latte Stone : Ancient Chamorro Ruins.

The early inhabitants of Guam, the Chamorro,crossed the
ocean in prerecorded time from South Asia passing
through the Philippines and Malaysia. Their legacy is the
Latte Stone. Pictured here are Latte Stone on Faifai Beach
existing as they were for hundreds of years.

Go cave exploring and marvel at what is inside.

Cutting a path through the jungle will find you at a
limestone cave. The water collecting threr is good enough
to drink and was a vital source of fresh water for the ancient Chamorros.
The water is pure enough to be dubbed,
" the elixir of life."
* Participation in the Jungle Tour is included in the tour fee and does not cost extra.
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